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Direct NutriSciences is a full service healthcare company that offers complete marketplace solutions for pharmaceutical grade OTC and nutraceutical products.

Our objective is to not be a "generalist" manufacturer like our competitors. We are striving to be leaders in high growth, niche health condition segments (including digestive, cholesterol and insulin management, weight loss, heart health, joint care, sports nutrition, energy and general health).

Direct NutriSciences is a full service contract manufacturer supplier that offers:
- Complete development and production support for pharmaceutical grade OTC
  and nutraceutical healthcare products
- Low overhead with efficient cost-saving manufacturing
- Specialization in advanced taste technologies and matching formulations
- Optimal flexibility in production runs
- Blending, filling, tableting and encapsulating
- Distribution and fulfillment
- A Health Canada-licensed pharmaceutical facility with full cGMP
- The highest standards of quality control and quality assurance
- Staff that are fully fluent in the new Regulatory Policies
- Global sourcing
- Added value services of formulations, product-brand development, complete   marketplace execution,market strategy development, research, creative   development, marketing and packaging
- State-of-the-art equipment for each stage of the production life cycle
- Strong supplier relationships


We pride ourselves in our quality products and our production facility.
Enjoy our "Production Video" to get a behind the scene look at our production line and see how the process really works.
Product Assurance

Before any product that Direct NutriSciences manufactures is scheduled for production, several processes must occur. All specifications for that product are physically reviewed and signed off by Senior Management and subsequently a "book" is created describing the exact instructions as to how the product is made from gathering the raw materials to how the finished product is stacked on a pallet.

During the creation of the product, critical functions are signed off by internal Quality Assurance [QA] personnel in order to provide a means of double checking parameters that can change. The paperwork from all production follows a very specific and expedient course involving several reviews of the inputs. At any time during the creation of a product where data escapes predetermined limits, a complete shutdown of the process occurs until the issue or problem is rectified.

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