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We have built our business by helping our clients realize their objectives by delivering product excellence, consumer relevancy, efficacy, and best value.

Direct NutriSciences is a full service healthcare company based in Canada that offers complete marketplace solutions for pharmaceutical grade OTC and nutraceutical products. We have developed a reputation for producing the gold standard in product efficacy, manufacturing excellence and delivering the best value equation for our customers.

No matter if you are a large retailer looking for the latest trends for your private label contract, a manufacturer looking to develop a strategic and synergistic relationship, or a keen upstart company looking to grow with the expanding healthcare market, every one of us at Direct NutriSciences are certain we can bring more depth and competitive advantage to your project.

Direct NutriSciences' specialized private label services include:

 - Formulation development and flavouring
 - Blending
 - Filling
 - Encapsulation
 - Tableting
 - Coating
 - Bottling, Labelling (shrink or pressure-sensitive) and Packaging
 - Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment
 - NPN Regulatory Support
 - Experimental Batch Trials

Too many of our competitors focus on price and price alone. At Direct NutriSciences, we have evolved a corporate culture where great emphasis is placed on quality control, human capital, innovation, integrity and social responsibility. We strive to be your complete solution for your entire private label, contract and control label needs. We pride ourselves in our flexibility in production run sizes and our specialization in taste and formula-matching.

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